I am Lucía Ruiz de Aguirre Rodríguez, a designer and visionary in knitting. I trained in architecture, but my path took an unexpected turn during the 2008 crisis in Spain, leading me out of the architectural sector.

After exploring fashion with my brand Peka's World and winning the award for Best Independent Fashion Designer at the Pop-eye Festival, I found my true passion in knitting, starting with crochet in 2012.

My adventure continued with the opening ofCómo Molo«, la primera tienda en Galicia especializada en costura y ganchillo DIY. Después de cerrarla en 2015, aprendí a tejer con dos agujas, especializándome en agujas circulares. Desde ese momento, me dediqué al diseño de patrones de tejido y a la educación, enseñando técnicas como el punto continental, poco explorado en España en ese momento. Gracias a mi enfoque innovador, he formado a miles de tejedoras a través de talleres online.

I am the author of the influential book "Básico"a reference for knitters worldwide who want to learn to knit with circular needles, and six other titles. I have significantly contributed to the knitting world, with a presence in yarn shops and knitting stores in various countries and in international publications such as Koel and Laine Magazine. Additionally, my experience has led me to become an independent advisor and collaborator in marketing strategies and product development for renowned brands in the sector.

With all the experience and knowledge gained over the years, I have channeled my passion for hand knitting into Lalura, creating a brand that offers not just garments, but an artisanal experience. At Lalura, we are dedicated to designing, knitting, and marketing luxury garments.
Each Lalura piece is a testament to craftsmanship and a commitment to sustainability. We strive to make each garment a lasting work of art, knitted with care and precision by expert knitters who share my vision of reviving and honoring the art of hand knitting.

At Lalura, we don't just dress bodies; we embrace stories, celebrate traditions, and foster a more sustainable future through every thread we knit.